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Travel and Driving Tips When In Asia

Tourists often travel using public transport. But if you have the funds and an international driver’s permit, you can rent a car locally and drive yourself. This gives you quite a bit of freedom when

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Van Gogh Exhibit in LA: 5 FAQs

Vincent Van Gogh’s life was remarkable. He worked tirelessly for his art and he suffered tremendously for them. One even famously captured a mutilation following a maddening row with Paul Gaugin: self-portrait with bandaged ears

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Hennessy Pure White

Hennessy Pure White: Is It Worth The Hype?

With all this talk of Hennessy White being illegal in the US, it’s understandable that cognac connoisseurs around the country are thirsty (pun intended) to get their hands on this mysterious, potentially contraband product. But

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What’s the Drinking Age in Mexico?

Mexico is one of the most favored holiday destinations for many Americans. More than 39 million U.S. residents went on a trip south of the border, with Cancun topping the list. Mexico’s popularity as a

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Brooke has been a connoisseur of back roads and obscure places since she was a girl. She’s a go-to resource for fearless Euro travel and extreme budget adventures. Her colorful experiences moving from one country to another with only time to spare will surely inspire you to leave the rat race and chase your backpacking dreams.

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