Milliken’s Reef: The Portal for City Travelers

Some people live in a city, whereas others live for it.

Milliken’s Reef exists for people who love traveling to cities all around the world.

We feature destination guides for cities across six continents. We also post travel tips, trends and guides for the modern traveler. Whether you’re in search of hidden gems in Venice or delicious street food in Tokyo, we have blog posts for every curious and aspiring city travelers.

Be Inspired to Travel from City to City

Our goal is to connect all kinds of travelers with a long list of city destinations throughout this wonderful planet.

But we go beyond informing people of the famous tourist spots in a particular area. We also inspire you to discover unique locations within a city, as well as provide ways to plan and research for your vacations.

City Travel Tips We Always Follow

Whenever one of our writers visits a city, they follow a “travel recipe” that will make the most of their stay in that destination.

A few of these tips that we’d like to share are the following:

  • Find fun by taking part in free festivals and other local events
  • Enjoy the city nightlife
  • Try local food or dishes exclusive to that city
  • Check out the local market
  • Explore the city’s museums if they have one

An adventure is waiting for you. Plan your next trip with our blog.

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