Travelling allows us to gain new experiences, try new things, and meet new people. It gives us an opportunity to explore environments not known or familiar to us. That said, it’s important to plan the trip carefully. This will ensure that the experience will be worthwhile.

Choosing a destination is a significant part of the planning process. If you wish to travel to Asia and you love a combination of solitude and adventure, Bangkok in Thailand would be a perfect destination for you.

Whether you are going to Bangkok for business or pleasure, there are certain places you cannot afford to miss. Bangkok is a treasure trove of spectacular architecture, sights and sounds that draw in 21.5 million tourists each year.

The sheer number of tourists that visit Bangkok makes the city one of the most popular in the world. It had more visitors than London, Paris or even New York. Its modern skyscrapers and shopping facilities mixed with beautiful historic landmarks mean that there are always great things to do in Bangkok.

The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace offers a fantastic photo opportunity. The stunningly designed and painted buildings were home to Thailand’s royalty. Constructed in 1782 for the Kings of Siam, it remained a residential home for successive kings until 1925. It has likewise served as government premises. Today, it is used for ceremonial purposes and as a tourist attraction.

The Emerald Buddha Temple

Also called Wat Phra Kaew, the Emerald Buddha Temple is a religious temple adjoining the Grand Palace. It boasts golden spires and intricately detailed mosaic artwork throughout the buildings. The famous emerald Buddha is located in a glass box, perched high above people’s heads. The statue wears a diamond and gold robe during summer, a solid gold robe during winter and a gilded robe during the rainy season.

The Temple of Dawn

Wat Arun or the Temple of Dawn is a spectacularly decorated temple and is home to 120 depictions of the Buddha. It can be accessed via a canal tour. Visiting this temple is a good activity for you if you want to experience serenity and reconnect with your inner self.

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The East Asiatic Building and Art Gallery

The East Asiatic Building is one of Bangkok’s most futuristic examples of architecture. At an attractive riverfront location, the famous building is now home to an art gallery featuring both Thai and foreign artwork. Show your love for the art and be amazed by the variety of masterpieces displayed in the gallery.

Away Spa

Tourists who want to treat themselves to some pampering can try the Away Spa for ultimate luxury and relaxation. Here, customers can enjoy a body scrub and a massage using real and pure powdered diamonds. If the view is more important to you, the Harnn Heritage Spa Krungthep offers spa treatments from the 12th floor of the Zen Tower, which offers bird seye views of Bangkok.

Whether travellers love historical sites, art, modern architecture or relaxation, Bangkok offers something for everyone. Schedule your trip soon and prepare for an adventure of a lifetime.

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