Maybe it is a Friday or a Saturday, and you surely do not want these days to go to waste. If that is your goal, you ought to organise a night out. Night outs with friends are often thought of as a random event that just happens. But if you want a high-quality night out, you should plan it carefully. And you have to add some fun to it by including a little bit of spontaneity.

If you are not the planner type, you have to start being one. Sometimes, you have to take the lead, especially if it is you who is always invited. Planning the night out should be easy, given the advantages of the technology. Not so sure where to start? Do not fret! Let this article give you some good head start.

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when planning your night out:

It is all about the location

For that night out to happen, you have to make sure that everyone can come. And by that, it means that you need to choose a place that is accessible to everyone; that way, there will be no excuses. The place could be near the office or that restaurant that you and your pals have been dining in ever since. Maybe it is time to try something new. If this is your plan, it will surely pay that you try the top rooftop bars in Singapore. A little break in the routine will not hurt, will it?

Pick a date

Of course, you need to pick a date. It is important that you ask around first before plotting anything in the calendar. Propose a date in mind and ask your friends if they are available on that day. If no one is available, you will need to make some adjustments. This is where your skills in negotiation and compromise will be used.

Send out invites

fiends having a drink

Now that you have your place and date, it would be nice that you have something that will remind your friends of the event. You can send out invites if you want. Just do not make it too formal; a fun, casual one will definitely do. You can do just that by organising a Facebook event. That way, you can track who will confirm. If you want to take extra measures, it will be nice of you to send group text messages, especially when the event is near.

Start with good food

A lot of your friends will be surely excited about the cocktails and spirits. But you need to take things slowly. You have to start with good food, and that is what everybody likes! Order some delish grub first before the party time.

Make it fun

There are many ways to make your night out fun. You can have some bar games if you want. And if you are game for it, why not invite some friends out of your circle to come over? But you have to ask your friends if they are okay with it.

Keep things fun. Keep things simple. This is the golden rule for organising a memorable night out.